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Christopher Carpenter’s successful 8th grade Football season


Christopher Carpenter recently completed 8th grade football season where he demonstrated significant improvement in his overall skills level at playing the offensive line. This was only his second season, as 7th grade was his first year for playing football.

A common mistake that a newcomer to playing the position of offensive line will make will be to hit/block the defender, but then release the defender after initial contact and not ‘hold the block’. My insight comes from personal experience as I too played offensive lineman for only one season, which was during my Senior year of high school.

This season Christopher showed much greater ability to not only hold the block, but also to drive the defender backward and/or away from the ball carrier. On pass blocking plays Christopher had greater awareness of where the Quarterback was behind him so that he would better position his body in between the defender and the Quarterback. He also utilized a slightly lower crouch position in order to lower his center of gravity thereby increasing his leverage against a defender. He also has learned to tuck his elbows in closer to his body in order to reduce the possibility of being called for a holding penalty. Excellent job Christopher at learning and improving at your position!

Here is a video of Charlotte Christian running three straight running plays to the left side behind Christopher (#66) while he was playing left tackle, and all three plays result in solid gains in yardage for the team:



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